Equestrian Centre de Roosberg has existed at this location for more than 50 years. After the sale to us in 2018, we transformed it into a professional accommodation. We mainly house riders who actively participate in equestrian sports with their horses.

Twice a month, from March until the end of September, we organise show jumping competitions with an international ambiance. 
Entering these competitions is easy via You can also use this electronic platform to track the progress of the ongoing competitions and see your results directly online. 
Equestrian centre “De Roosberg” offers a highly modern accommodation close to Breda, in the village of Bavel. We welcome riders and everyone who is interested in horse riding, especially in show jumping. 
You can come any day / any time for training with your horse(s). We have seen trainers and riders from all over Europe, both for just training or for our well organized competitions. “De Roosberg”, a unique location that offers: two riding arena’s, both with professional all weather foundation, a large parking so you can park comfortably, and a cozy bar where you are welcome for drinks, something to eat and a pleasant atmosphere. 
See you soon!